- Owners that would like to add security features to their garages and property can contact Shield Security Services (Tony or Marcus) at - 913-660-0750. They are happy to meet with you at your home or garages to discuss your needs.

-For Owners that want to have graphics put on their personal garage sign, the CH Group recommends "The Wrap Factory" for doing the graphics. The cost is only $25. Their phone number is 913-915-0845, and email is wrapfactory@gmail.com.

- CH garage doors are high quality insulated doors from Tracker Doors. The door has a spring that can be adjusted. Please call for the phone number to set up the adjustment.

- Tracker Doors now has a garage door opener emergency release device that can be installed. The cost is $115 installed. Owners who have this device installed, can access their garage should they lose power to the opener.

-CH has installed a new top of the line gate opener. This opener is rugged and designed to take the numerous cycles, bad weather, and quicker operations. We also now have an exit keypad. The exit probe has been removed, providing better security for owners.

- PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING signs are being added to perimeter. Also signs stating UNDER VIDEO SURVEILLANCE, and GARAGE OWNERS/GUEST ONLY.



















































































































































































































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