Carriage Houses of Johnson County are upscale garage condos of various sizes. They are built in a way that promotes a private community environment. This is essentially a garage that you own located in a different location than your residence.

Compare all the benefits to owning a Carriage House rather than renting/leasing space.



under the roof

Benefits of owning a garage condo:

Why rent when you can own?

You can customize it to match your needs.

You can access it 24/7/365.

Perfect for families that need extra space.

Work on your toys all year long in comfort.

Build equity through ownership.

Potential tax benefits such as depreciation and deductible interest.

Your mortgage payment can be less than it would cost to rent a unit.

You can lease it - it's your space.

It's an investment and you can sell it.





Use your garage condo for:

> Storage for boats or watercraft, recreational vehicles, classic cars, motorcycles

> Stored items which have rendered your garage useless to your car

> As a great place to work on your hobbies, such as model trains, woodworking, etc.

> All items which you cannot store outside your home due to homeowners association restrictions and restrictive covenents

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